About shahraki commerce

Shahraki Trade Trading Company is proud to serve our dear compatriots in the field of trade and wholesale sale of shoes and especially Nike brand throughout Iran. At the beginning of 1402, I decided to start my own company with a team of 3 people in the field of wholesale sales of shoes, especially the Nike brand, and I hope to soon be able to turn it into a large international business company.

The purpose of Shahraki commerce

I based my company's approach on the basis of value creation to empower local and domestic business and I follow my vision. You shoe sellers can entrust us with the bulk supply of your goods and enjoy working with us because guaranteeing product authenticity and the best price in this company is one of our priorities. It doesn't matter which city or province you are from, our colleagues are all trying to meet your needs with high speed and excellent quality.


excellent quality

The quality and authenticity of our cottons are guaranteed.


The price is right

The reasonable price of our products is due to direct sales.

ارسال سریع

fast sending

Your order will be sent to your place in a short time.


Brilliant record

Our brilliant track record is defined by the satisfaction of our customers.

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